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Require a visa form for Cambodia? This webpage will let you to check the best suited Cambodian visa application forms and can assist you through the application procedure. Obtain the the visa application forms for Cambodia which are valid for tourist visa, transit visa, business visa and other visas by clicking on the links below.

Cambodia Tourist Visa Form | Cambodia Business Visa Form
Cambodian Visas | Cambodian Visa Forms
Cambodian Visa Letters | Cambodian Embassy in Wellington

Please note: We accept no responsibilty for any changes to visa regulations or any transaction initiated directly between an applicant and the embassy.

Cambodian Tourist Visa Form

   * Cambodian tourist visa appliaction form for touring and leisure purposes

   * Cambodian visitor visa appliaction form for visiting family memebers and friends

Cambodian Business Visa Form

   * Cambodian business visa appliaction form for short term business activity.

You may be able to get a Cambodian visa application form by writing a visa form request letter to the Cambodian consulate enclosing a stamped enveloppe with your name & address.

To acquire the list of documents required to make an application for your Cambodian visa, enclose photocopies of the main pages of your passport, i.e. identity & visa stamp pages.

It’s may also be possible to ask for Belgian visa application form by calling the Belgian embassy visa form request line. Please be aware of various phone charges which may apply for this service.

For more regarding Cambodian visa for your visit to Cambodia, please click on Cambodian visa requirments.

Please feel free to share your experiences with the Cambodian Embassy in Wellington, Cambodia — getting a visa for travel to Cambodia and other services such as document notarization, locating the Cambodian embassy building, and so on.

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